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A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler, forklift is a hugely versatile lifting machine that is most often used in the construction industry. They feature telescopic arms that can lift loads and extend/retract to adjust the maximum reach/lifting height of the machine. Their primary use is for lifting pallet boards, and they can move heavy loads into high up areas that are tough to reach any other way.

When you’re in the market for a new forklift there are two main options for you: you can either buy a new or used forklift. There are advantages to both options for your business, but buying a used forklift might be the best option for your needs. Here are some of the benefits of buying a used forklift truck for your business and what to look for when buying one.

Forklifts and their operators are often viewed as the lifeblood of many industrial spaces. For several decades’ forklifts have been a common sight in most warehouses and industrial spaces. They have always been relied upon as strong workhorses, moving materials quickly around a variety of sites. From unloading delivery trucks to moving goods from the production area ready for shipping, forklifts are used in almost every industrial situation. However, the traditional forklifts we know are being transformed with some major changes. The latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, robotics and automation are all contributing to the design of new-self driving forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks. With such drastic changes and new capabilities, many people are wondering whether self-driving forklifts could eventually replace people, by making humans obsolete. This article will provide you with an insight into self-driving forklifts and our predictions for the place they have in our manufacturing future.

Forklift Training

If you’re interested in having a career as a forklift truck operator, then you’ll need to pass a training course. As a legal requirement in the UK, forklift drivers must have at least basic operator qualifications. Without this, you will be unable to find employment within the forklift truck sector.

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