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Forklift Driver Training

Forklift Driver Training Provided by 1st Advanced Training

For those looking to obtain a forklift truck license or training, you couldn’t have come to a better place. Budget Fork Trucks offers driver forklift training from experienced instructors – with many having successfully trained drivers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Best service and quality training

We have been working with clients – predominantly within the Berkshire area – for many years, and therefore know the unique needs of those living and working in the locality. All of our instructors are fully accredited by RTITB and ITSSAR Driver training standards.

Why complete forklift training?

Although you do not need an official license in order to drive a forklift truck around working sites, it is highly beneficial to obtain one by undertaking the relevant forklift truck training in order to safely and effectively carry out your job. Sufficient training can increase confidence, safety in the workplace and can help you to do your job more efficiently – as well as adding more skillsets to what you can offer employers.

Benefits of training

Professional forklift driver training comes hand in hand with a number of benefits. First and foremost, it will enable you to operate a vehicle safely and minimise the risk of accident or injury. Although you can still apply for a forklift job without having an existing licence, having adequate professional training and qualifications can put you at a distinct advantage to other candidates. Many employers will prefer or even require you to have previous experience or training in driving a forklift, and – upon getting a job – you will need to complete some form of training before being allowed to operate the vehicles on your own.

Affordable prices

We recognise that training can seem expensive to someone looking to start out as a forklift truck driver – and therefore could be perceived as prohibitive. However – the clue is in our name – we offer training at affordable prices. Safety and expertise are our main concerns – that is why we offer our clients high quality training with experienced instructors at a competitive price.

Gain your training with ease and convenience

We offer you the amount of training you need – and in many cases this can be completed in a course lasting as little as a few days. We offer one-day refresher courses, right through to five-day intensive courses for up to three people.

Train to pass your test

Passing your forklift truck driving test requires you to undertake a theory and a practical examination. Our training aims to teach you everything you need to know in order to pass both exams and start driving as quickly as possible. We teach all manoeuvres that are required in order to pass your practical test, including lifts and turns. Forklift truck practical tests are designed much like a regular driving test – you receive marks on the mistakes that you make, and if you receive more than 40 marks, you will have failed the test. You are given fewer marks for minor errors and more marks for major errors, and are allowed a maximum of three major errors before being given an automatic fail. We recognise that taking a practical exam can be nerve-wracking; that’s why we will work with you until you are ready to carry out your test with confidence. You will be assigned the same instructor throughout the duration of your training, helping you to gain maximum confidence and cover all manoeuvres in the time in which you are ready.

Various types of vehicle covered

We are experts in delivering successful training for a variety of forklift vehicles, including forklift trucks, cherry pickers, scissor lifters and Tele handlers. We provide training on automatic and manual vehicles.

Use our facilities

For ultimate convenience, we can provide training either onsite or offsite. Onsite training means that we will come to you – so that you can learn in your own vehicle. This is popular with employers that are looking to train their existing staff, as training can be done within real-life settings, and on the exact equipment that staff are intending to use. For those that do not have their own site or vehicle, we can provide an offsite training option. We have access to unrivalled facilities on which we train our clients. This includes the use of our own fleet of vehicles. This option is particularly popular among individuals that are simply looking to improve their skillset, or companies that wish to send an individual employee away for general training.

No obligation quotes

If you are interested in our forklift training options, please get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you. By filling out our simple online form, or calling one of our friendly team, you will be able to obtain a no obligation quotation. This will help you determine that our prices really are the most competitive on the market – and will also enable us to tailor our approach to your individual needs.

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