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3 wheel vs 4 wheel forklifts - what are the advantages of each, and what can the Doosan range offer you?

Counterbalance forklift trucks are among the most widely employed material handling solutions for different industries. Both three- and four-wheel forklifts are particularly popular in storage facilities such as warehouses as their rear counterbalance allows for higher stacking and weightier loads.

They are also exceptionally simple to operate, and today leading manufacturers like Doosan offer advanced electric-powered options. While a versatile and dependable workhorse, different electric forklifts are suited to specific solutions. Fortunately, Doosan electric forklifts are provided in different make and models to serve an extensive array of applications. In the following sections, we’ll explore the key differences between three and four-wheeled forklifts and examine some of the options available through Doosan and their business benefits. Read on to find out whether your firm requires a three-wheeled or four-wheeled forklift or both onsite to fulfil requirements.

Three-wheeled forklifts

Firms looking for a cost-effective option that can operate efficiently in confined areas will find 3 wheeled forklifts like Doosan’s B16R-7 range ideal. By design, three-wheel forklifts such as the B16R-7 possess a far smaller turning circle than four-wheel fork trucks. Using these solutions allows enterprises to optimise available space in warehouses allowing them to lower storage costs and stay well-stocked. Racking can be positioned far closer when the forklifts used to collect and carry goods can deftly manoeuvre and make tight turns. With just three wheels, these lighter forklifts provide a narrower and more nimble physical presence in working environments that allow for easy and efficient navigation and rapid work rates. It's understood that with smaller size and increased agility, three-wheeled forklifts can’t carry the weight of their four-wheeled counterparts. With only three wheels, these smaller models can’t safely make turns carrying excessive weight. Additionally, as a rule, most three-wheeled forklifts do not always handle rough terrain easily, making them better for indoor use. Fortunately, Doosan’s forklifts are an exception to the rule and feature innovative suspension that lessens judder and driver discomfort on uneven surfaces. The upside of these lighter models is that they cost less to purchase and run than larger four-wheeled models. Used in both retail, trade and warehouse environments, three-wheeled forklifts are best suited for indoor use when floors are smoother, and operations require a swift and safe solution to bear lighter loads

Four-wheeled forklifts

If an operating area has rough or uneven ground to cover, electric-powered 4 wheeled forklifts like the B45X-7 from Doosan are an excellent option. Able to spread the load over four wheels, the load capacity of these heavy-duty models is much greater than that of a three-wheeler. While a three-wheel forklift may be able to carry between 1.25 to 2 tonnes, the B45X-7 can manage up to 5 tonnes with ease while still being able to turn safely. It's understood with increased size and weight capacity, the price of a four-wheel fork truck exceeds a three-wheeled solution. Additionally, their turning circle is also far larger meaning they are less agile and unable to operate easily where space comes at a premium. With their increased stability, Doosan’s electric four-wheel forklifts can handle rough terrain and steep inclines making them ideal for outdoor work when uneven surfaces are present. Designed for durability Doosan’s largest forklifts can handle high-intensity workloads in challenging environments.

How to select which forklift you require

Finally, to work out the best solution for your site, always consider the weight of the goods you need to handle, your warehouse layout and its surface. Many firms find that a combination of three and four-wheeled forklifts offer them the best of both worlds. Fortunately, the Doosan Series 7 range offer enterprises different sizes of forklifts that all benefit from the same exceptional levels of performance, power and advanced functionality.

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