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Top tips for passing your forklift theory test

At Budget Forktrucks Ltd we offer a broad range of forklifts for sale and hire, but that’s not all. We
also offer forklift training options for those looking to acquire their forklift licence. Getting your licence
can be a nerve-wracking process though, so what can you do to make it easier?
Here are some key tips you should keep in mind to ensure you pass with flying colours.

Revise, revise, revise

As with any test, your likelihood of passing well depends on how much effort you have put into
revising. This can be difficult if you’re balancing a job and other commitments while you study for the
test. But it’s essential you find some time every day to revise the necessary details for your test.
Be sure you obtain an official forklift theory training guide to learn from. If you need assistance with
this, just contact us.

Quick forklift theory test

Here’s a quick forklift theory test to give you an idea of the kind of questions you’ll be faced with.
Here are some random forklift theory questions for you to answer, the answers will be below. The
test will be multiple choice, and you will generally need to get 80% of the questions correct to pass.

  1. When sounding the horn you should give several short blasts – why?
  2. If a load appears to be unstable, what should you do
  3. What is the load centre on a counter-balanced forklift truck?
  4. What two steps must be taken before using the hydraulic controls?
  5. Whose responsibility is it to check the forklift is safe for operation?
  1. Several short blasts attract more attention than a single continual one
  2. Leave it be, cordon off the area as best you can, and inform the foreman/site manager
  3. The distance from the fork’s front face to the load’s centre of gravity
  4. Put on the parking brake, put the forklift into neutral
  5. The operator must thoroughly check the forklift every day or at the start of every shift

Don’t forget to breathe slowly during your test to keep calm and focused

It sounds a cliche, but the truth of it is that your breathing affects your ability to think. If you start
panicking and your breathing shortens, you will be pulling less oxygen into your system. With less
oxygen, your brain will not be able to make key decisions as well. So the more you panic, the more
you’ll give yourself to panic about – if you have done your revision, you have an excellent chance of
passing. If you’re unsure on a question, use logic to guide you.

Let Budget Forktrucks help you

If you’re looking to pass both the theory and practical elements of your forklift test, we can help you.
We have a dedicated training program designed to take prospective forklift drivers like yourself
through the process. We’ll provide you with the training and insight you need to pass your test.
Passing your forklift test is something you can do if you try, and Budget Forktrucks Ltd can help you
every step of the way.


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