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What is the best Doosan forklift for my business?

If you’re after a budget forklift for short or long term lease to help your business work more efficiently, the Doosan forklift range is the ideal place to start.

With a whole host of different trucks available through Budget Fork Trucks, knowing which one is best suited to your business needs can be tricky. Below we explore the benefits of and the differences between just some of the different types of forklift that are available.

Doosan Pro-5 Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

The first range is the Doosan counterbalance forklift trucks. Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most common type of forklift. This type of truck is extremely common in warehouses with wider aisles where pallets or other heavy loads need moving in and out of storage. The forks stick out from the front of the vehicle allowing the forklift to be manoeuvred right up close to racking or pallets.

The Doosan Pro-5 forklifts offer a load capacity between 1,500 and 3,500kg and with a choice of fuel efficient diesel and LPG engines, these forklift trucks can help boost productivity whilst helping to lower operating costs.

This range of forklifts can include a selection of top of the line extra features such as virtually maintenance-free oil cooled disc brakes, power reversal transmission, lift and tilt locking hydraulic control and an operator sensing system; all alongside a refined and comfortable operator seating area.

Doosan’s D25S-5 counterbalance forklift truck is available from Budget Fork Trucks and offers a lift height of 4730mm with a rated lifting capacity of 2,500kg. When loaded, this forklift can travel at 19km/h with a minimum turning radius of 2265mm.

Doosan 7 Series BR Reach Truck

Doosan’s 7 Series reach trucks are designed for use in smaller, narrow warehouse aisles. A reach truck operator sits sideways and the vehicle distributes the load weight evenly across the outer legs so that the vehicle does not require a counterweight at the back. A reach truck often has the same length wheel base as a counterbalance truck, however the lack of counterweight makes them much more compact and therefore better suited for locations where heavy loads need moving but space is at a premium.

The 7 Series reach trucks range from 1400 to 1600kg available with a wide range of mast configurations including a lift height of up to 10,250mm. All 7 Series reach trucks feature an AC drive system that is more robust, less complex and more reliable.

These reach trucks offer the choice of 360 or 180 degree steering that can be programmed based on either operating conditions or the preference of the operator. This variable steering set up allows for greater safety without compromising on productivity. With the 7 Series reach trucks, the focus on safety doesn’t stop at the steering. The trucks also feature all wheel braking, automatic decelerating when cornering, optimised operator visibility and can include an integrated load weight indicator to help determine safe working loads quickly.

Doosan 7 Series IP Rated 4-Wheeled Electric Forklifts 

Like the 7 Series Reach Trucks, the 7 Series 4 wheeled counterweight electric forklifts also focus heavily on safety and performance. These trucks are rated to handle loads from 2,200kg to 3,500kg making them ideal for use in most warehouse environments. Enclosed, oil-cooled disc brakes are standard on all 7 Series forklifts to extend the brake life by up to 5 times when compared to conventional shoe brakes.

The 7 Series 4-wheeled forklifts aren’t limited to indoor use either. The trucks are rated as being waterproof and so totally safe for use outdoors. All of the controllers are rated to IP65 with the motors rated to IP43. This rating means that the vehicles are protected against dust, debris and liquid ingress making them ideal for uses where loads may need to be moved around outdoors.

For delicate or heavily manned locations, the 7 Series 4-wheeled counterweight trucks feature an innovative “turtle mode”. Pressing this button ensures safe manoeuvring by slowing the truck down to a predefined speed; without changing the lifting ability or speed.

Whatever the environment is that you need a forklift to work in, Budget Fork Trucks can supply a Doosan forklift that is sure to help your productivity, safety and operational costs. From the good-all-rounder that is the Pro-5 counterbalance truck to the 7 Series reach truck designed specifically to enable manoeuvrability in narrow aisles, there’s a forklift to help every business achieve its true potential. Get in touch
 today to find out more about the range of Doosan forklifts available from Budget Fork Trucks.


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