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Electric Counter Balance

Electric Counter Balance

Budget Forktrucks can supply a wide range Battery powered counter balance forklift trucks 3 or 4 wheel from stock from 1000 kgs to 6000 kgs with lift heights up to 7 metres.

We can provide the complete hire package from 1 day to 7 year long term hire or lease purchase to suit your requirements.

Mitsubishi FB16KT

Additional Info

Stock Number:5049



Lift Height:3290 mm

Closed Height:2100 mm

Mast Type:Duplex


Base Capacity:1600 kg

Lease Sales Price:From £42.00 per week

Sales Price:£5250.00 + vat

Hire From:From £66.00 per week

Linde E15

Additional Info

Stock Number:5216



Lift Height:2750 mm

Closed Height:1950 mm

Mast Type:Duplex


Base Capacity:1500 kg

Sales Price:£3450.00 + vat

Hire From:From £66.00 per week


Additional Info

Stock Number:4352



Lift Height:4750 mm

Closed Height:2200 mm

Mast Type:Triplex


Base Capacity:2500 kg

Lease Sales Price:From £54.00 per week

Sales Price:£6750.00 + vat

Hire From:From £72.00 per week

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Why use an electric counterbalance forklift?

Electric counterbalance forklifts boast just as much power as fuel-operated forklifts but come with multiple benefits including noise reduction and financial savings. As the forklifts are battery powered, they can be charged overnight or when not required. This removes the cost of fuel and reduces the storage space needed to store the fuel. Not only is this financially beneficial but it also has a positive environmental impact. With having a ‘green’ business being a greater concern than ever, to buy electric counterbalance trucks is helpful for both yourself financially and the environment, due to the reduction of fumes. Another benefit is the low maintenance nature of the forklift. As there is no fuel or oil required, there are fewer components that need constant monitoring and less cleaning and waste to dispose of.

What job can an electric counterbalance forklift perform?

Electric counterbalance forklifts are often small but mighty. We stock forklifts capable of handling 1000 kgs to 6000 kgs and lift heights of up to 7 metres. The forklifts are therefore ideal for warehouse or indoor sites but can function outdoors if the environment is flat and suitable. Carefully constructed with a counterbalance weight, hence the name, the forklifts won’t tip over with heavy loads and there is little to no difference in weight capacities when comparing electric forklifts to fuel-operating forklifts.

Hire electric counterbalance forklifts with Budget Forktrucks

The benefits of hiring with Budget Forktrucks include: – Flexible hire time frames ranging from 1 day to 5 years, so no project is too big or too small and we can always fit into your schedule – Our electric counterbalance forklifts are almost all just out of refurbishment and have completed a 12-month thorough examination, so a quality, working machine is guaranteed – Three or four-wheel options available to suit your needs


Whether you’re in the market to rent or buy electric counterbalance trucks, we understand most projects are unique and for that reason, we offer tailor made finance packages. From long-term hire to lease purchasing, we will endeavour to suit your requirements and offer competitive finance packages. If you’re are looking for electric counterbalance forklifts for sale or hire, we can provide an obligation-free quote for you today. Simply contact us and witness the benefits of an electric counterbalance forklift for yourself!