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Getting the most from Doosan's Diesel & Gas Forklifts

Doosan D25S 7 diesel forklift

Forklift trucks are incredibly versatile but are predominantly used to stack, lift and transport goods and materials. They are most commonly used in warehouses and construction sites as they can move heavy items safely and efficiently.

Forklifts are either powered by electric batteries or a fuel-powered engine, each type of forklift has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are trying to determine which forklift would best suit your needs, below we have compiled a handy Doosan forklift guide to help you make your decision.

Doosan is a South-Korean conglomerate and has been widely recognised as a leading infrastructure support business by influential companies such as Forbes and BusinessWeek. The company is divided into multiple subsidiaries, including the Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle which manufactures engine-powered and electric forklifts, as well as other logistics equipment. Doosan is widely agreed to be one of the leading forklift manufacturers due to their innovative and durable machines.

Why are forklift trucks used so commonly?

Forklift trucks are used so frequently across a number of industries, such as logistics and construction because they can improve productivity and safety for a number of manual and repetitive processes. A forklift truck can therefore significantly lower operating costs as they can complete tasks more efficiently and quickly, such as loading ramps.

The benefits of a gas/diesel powered Doosan engine

Compared to an electric-powered forklift, diesel and gas-powered trucks are generally considered superior in terms of performance, the Doosan range of Engine Powered Forklifts have lift capabilities of up to 25 tonnes. A gas/diesel engine can offer better lift speeds and acceleration than its electric alternative, completing jobs more quickly and efficiently. Electrically powered trucks can be limited by their battery capacity, so hydraulic attachments and accessories such as forward tippers and rotating clamps may not be able to be used, for gas/diesel engines this isn't an issue as they have no battery capacity. Diesel engines often have a longer life span as they operate at a lower energy rate and are usually constructed from strong, durable materials.

The drawbacks of a gas/diesel powered Doosan engine

Although gas/diesel-powered forklift trucks are usually cheaper to purchase initially, running them can be more expensive than powering electric forklift alternatives. The upfront cost of running a forklift, therefore, needs to be considered carefully with its expected maintenance costs. They can also be noisier and more bulky to operate, meaning they can take longer to manoeuvre than smaller models and have a stronger environmental impact as they can cause noise pollution. Gas/diesel-powered engines also release fumes which can negatively impact the environment and be dangerous to breathe in, this is often why they are used for outdoor purposes. Delays can be caused in construction/warehouse projects if fuel is not bought in enough quantity as the machine is unable to operate without fuel.

The benefits of Doosan electric forklifts

In comparison to fuel-powered forklifts, electric, or battery-operated, forklifts are much more environmentally friendly as they do not release any fumes into the environment. In addition, they are also relatively quieter and lighter, making them easier to operate and manoeuvre. This makes them well suited for smaller indoor environment, such as a warehouse, where space is at a premium and noise pollution should be reduced as much as possible. Many workers find electric forklifts easier to operate as they do not require an inching or clutch pedal to operate, maintenance is also cheaper for forklift trucks as the engines are less complicated and contain fewer parts. Due to the rising costs of fuel, the cost of charging an electric engine overnight is much cheaper and environmentally conscious.

The drawbacks of a Doosan electric forklifts

Although they may be cheaper to run and maintain, electric forklifts generally have a higher initial upfront cost as a battery charger needs to be purchased also. Unless multiple batteries are purchased, the electric forklift cannot be used whilst it is charging. This may be a problem for projects that require both day and night work and can become a frustrating issue if workers forget to charge the battery overnight. Although electric forklifts are usually slimmer in size, they can take up more space as they need to be parked in a designated charging area, rather than being left wherever convenient. The potential use of an electric forklift is also quite limited as due to their electrical engine, they are not suitable for wetter or outdoor environments.

Doosan 2.0 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas forklifts

The Doosan 2.0 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas-powered forklift range by Doosan is one of the most popular forklift models. They are often favoured in construction and warehouse operations due to their consistent high performance and durability. Below we explore the range in more detail…

• Efficient: The Doosan 2.0 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas-powered engines are fuel-efficient, meaning they can be run more cheaply and lower operational costs.
• Productivity: Due to their ability to provide substantial power at a relatively low engine speed, they are able to improve productivity as they can complete repetitive, time-consuming tasks with ease.
• Comfort: The efficiency of these machines, such as the Doosan D30S-7, has not compromised the operator's comfort as the forklifts can be manoeuvred with relative ease and have been designed for comfortable use over a long period of time.
• Strength: A lift capacity of 2 - 3.5 tonnes make this range of machines suitable for a number of projects and operations.
• Safety: With this range of forklifts Doosan aim to improve productivity whilst improving safety. To do this each forklift contains a number of innovative safety features.

The Doosan D30S-7 in more detail

The 7-series of the Doosan 2.0 to 3.5-tonne capacity forklifts include a range of features that aim to improve productivity and drive future company growth. Some of these features include…

• Multiple operating modes: Operators are able to decide between a standard and eco mode. Eco mode reduces fuel consumption by 5% whereas standard mode delivers the highest level of performance. The operating mode, therefore, can be changed to suit different work requirements and situations.
• Durable disk brakes: ODB, or oil-cooled disc brakes, ensure friction is stable, wear is low and durability is maximised.
• Minimised shift shock: Electronically operated transmission ensures shift shock is reduced and integrated control of driving is available, optimising the performance of the forklift.

What environment are Doosan 2 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas forklifts best suited to?

As previously mentioned, due to their strength, speed and durability, Doosan 20 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas forklifts are suitable for a number of projects. For example, due to their ability to deliver fast lift speeds consistently, they are well suited to stack material, whether that be goods in a warehouse or building material on a construction site. Their strong construction and fuel-powered engine make them suitable for outdoor use and they can even be used in adverse weather conditions, which makes them an efficient machine year-round. Although some engine-powered forklifts are not suitable for indoor use because of the fumes they emit, the Doosan 20 – 3.5 tonne diesel and gas range fits each model with an air filter, making them suitable for indoor use e.g. in a factory or warehouse as the forklifts meet EPA Tier 4 and Euro Stage IIIB emission regulations.

Storage facilities

In a factory, warehouse or storage facility, forklift trucks are able to efficiently move pallets or barrels of goods from one location to another. This may be from a shelf to a delivery truck, or to another location in the warehouse to improve the logistical flow of the environment. Depending on the size and weight of the pallet or barrel, a forklift may be able to move multiple items at once, further improving operational productivity. A warehouse stacker or pallet jack may be used in place of a forklift in a warehouse setting but they are usually smaller and weaker than forklifts and require much more manual labour.

Construction site

In a construction setting, forklifts are used to transport material around the construction site and unload material from delivery trucks. Common items forklifts are used to move include bricks, mortar and equipment. Forklifts can be used to transport material to high ground, e.g. the next level of a building to reduce the time that would be wasted by workers manually carrying the material to a higher level. A forklift truck can also reduce labour costs as goods can be unloaded and loaded much more quickly, allowing workers to focus on skilled work.

Finding the right forklift for your needs

Hopefully, the above guide will provide you with all the information you need about Doosan forklift trucks! If you are considering a forklift truck you must consider how often you intend to use it and the environments you will be using it in. Due to their versatility Doosan 2 – 3.5-tonne diesel and gas forklifts are considered a safe bet for a wide range of projects, including both indoor and outdoor use. If, however, you'd like more detail about forklift trucks then do not hesitate to get in touch today, a member of our expert team would love to discuss your needs with you and help you find the perfect machine for you. A forklift truck is a large investment and the decision should not be made without serious thought. We look forward to hearing from you!

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