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Counterbalance forklift trucks are among the most widely employed material handling solutions for different industries. Both three- and four-wheel forklifts are particularly popular in storage facilities such as warehouses as their rear counterbalance allows for higher stacking and weightier loads.
Forklifts make many jobs easier and are a staple in many industries. Routine maintenance and planned servicing schedules ensure they’ll run problem-free for years.
The global forklift industry was valued at approximately $2.06 billion USD in 2021. Now, it is expected to soar with a 9.5% CAGR – meaning, we could be looking at a value estimated at around $4.65 billion USD for the forklift industry.
Online shopping has become a financial juggernaut in recent years, with corporations like Amazon taking record-breaking profits annually. The coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly played a part in this – many people looked to retail therapy to cope with lockdowns, and entire sectors went online. Studies suggest that, by 2040, nearly 95% of all retail will be via e-commerce.
Ensuring your forklift trucks are properly prepared for the colder months of the year makes a significant impact on the health and safety of your operation, as well as productivity. From making sure optimum capability of equipment is assured to avoiding serious incidents and promoting safe use, getting forklifts winter-ready is vital for the businesses that use them. Secure forklift operation always depends on two key factors: ensuring that forklifts are in good working condition and suited to the job they will be used for and making certain your forklift truck operator is fully attentive and sufficiently trained.

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