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Doosan is a world-leading manufacturer of forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers. The company has a reputation for creating powerful machines that are simple and comfortable to operate. Their pallet trucks and stackers are ideal for small-to-medium warehouses, production facilities and retail spaces because they're compact and nimble. Let's explore Doosan pallet trucks and stackers to help you choose the right machine for your business.
At 1st Advanced Training Services we are proud to be a part of Budget Forktrucks Ltd. The firm has been an industry leader for four decades and is an expert in material handling solutions. Today it continues to serve enterprises of all sizes from large multinationals to independent traders in all sectors, supplying both brand new and second-hand forklifts. As the training arm of Budget Forklifts, 1st Advanced provides strong support through its first-class training services.
Diesel forklifts are an essential for outdoor logistics operations, and Doosan diesel forklifts are at the cutting edge of technology. With an emphasis on efficiency and power, Doosan is the number one choice for businesses that require environmentally-friendly diesel-powered lifting devices. When it comes to commercial and industrial operations, Doosan forklifts are designed for safety, reliability, power and sustainability. In this article, we’re going to focus on the features found in Doosan’s diesel forklift range, and the benefits of using Doosan products for transportation within your outdoor spaces.
With summer right around the corner, longer days and clear skies are on the cards. However, warmer weather can present challenges for warehouses and other industrial environments. Forklift operation, for example, can be impacted by higher temperatures. While dependable workhorses all year round, forklifts in summer need extra attention to avoid overheating and malfunctions. Read on for some useful tips to keep your material handling solutions on top form in the summertime.
Sometimes referred to as telescopic handlers, telehandlers are hugely versatile forklifts that are often employed in the construction industry. Telehandlers feature telescopic arms able to lift loads and retract or extend to adjust the maximum lifting height and reach of the vehicle. Their main use is for lifting pallets, but they can also move heavy loads, raising them into high areas that can be tricky to reach by any other means. Read on for a detailed look at these robust and reliable material handling solutions.

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