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Doosan A.I. forklifts

Doosan reveals plans for new A.I. forklifts

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle (DIV) have announced exciting plans for a new generation of artificially intelligent forklift trucks. The material handling equipment unit of the Doosan Group, which is located in South Korea, is hoping these high-tech forklifts will raise the bar when it comes to heavy duty work.

A history of DIV

DIV was founded in Korea in 1968 and started with the manufacturing of forklifts. The company quickly expanded into overseas markets such as the US, the UK and Belgium, when their first electric forklift was launched in 1979.

The company has been committed to providing award-winning machines through state-of-the-art technology and brilliant after sales support. The latest announcements in technology developments are expected to push sales to 1.5 trillion by 2022, with expansions into the rental, logistics and service sectors.

An exciting announcement

As the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in Korea, the team announced a host of exciting new products and state-of-the-art technology. Perhaps the most impressive announcement from the firm is its aim to release artificial intelligence based smart mode applications to their trucks. It is hoped that this brilliant application will analyse the data produced by the forklift’s engine to automatically adjust the power supply. 

The exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence are only just beginning to find their way into manufacturing, as the technology matures and associated costs of integration begin to fall. The technology is expected to be released later this year in South Korea, but there are plans in place for it to be rolled out across European markets. There are already numerous businesses which are eagerly awaiting this new technology and the benefits will soon be available to businesses across the country.

A forklift revolution

Doosan have a reputation for incorporating the latest technology into their machines, so vehicle artificial intelligence systems could soon become a standard feature in commercial machinery. The growth of unmanned vehicles is expected to revolutionise the construction industry, with other machines such as excavators and bulldozers expected to be unveiled with exciting redesigns from the Doosan group. 

For example, the announcement of the latest lithium-ion batteries from Doosan will enable machines to work in temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero. When combining these new capabilities with artificially intelligent systems, the possibilities are almost limitless. 

The future possibilities

It seems the race is on between manufacturers to build a new generation of forklifts, which use a combination of artificial intelligence and computer vision. This advanced technology will enable machines to track and predict humans in the workplace, so that machines can plan their movements around activity in the area.

As AI continues to develop at an increasing pace, forklifts which can improve their own efficiency by collecting data over time are not far away. There is no doubt that these intelligent forklifts will require investment from a business, but the flexible nature of their abilities could see the machines becoming fully scalable to business demands.

Benefits to the workplace

Currently, the latest technology from Doosan is being successfully used by a variety of machines. However, this new intelligent technology will allow the forklifts to intelligently pick, sort and move items around a workplace. Many industries which rely heavily on forklifts face increasingly challenging demands relating to traceability, wastage, efficiency and shelf-life. As the pressure on warehouses rises, the new state-of-the-art technology is expected to be in high demand across the world.

As technology continues to develop at a fast pace, systems which allow the whole machine to be controlled remotely are not far away. This autonomous technology will be particularly beneficial for sites which are difficult or dangerous to work in, such as roles which require high levels of intense labour. The unmanned machines will be able to work around the clock to increase productivity levels, whilst lowering costs and reducing the number of workplace injuries.

The impact on the workforce

However, there are concerns that forklift truck drivers could soon be replaced by a completely automated workforce. As warehouses and industrial areas shift their focus to cost-saving machines, it is only natural that new technology is incorporated into the workplace. One thing is for sure, these new trucks will still require maintenance and controlling, so although traditional driver roles may be altered, there will be a variety of skilled roles needed to support the new machinery.

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