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Forklift training near me

Before an employee can operate a forklift, they need to have comprehensive training in how to use one safely. After a verified course, they will hold a license and be able to safely operate a forklift in the workplace. Forklift operators are an integral element in making sure your business runs smoothly. With companies like Budget Fork Trucks offering accredited courses with experienced instructors, there’s no excuse to hold out on a training course that could vastly improve the efficiency of your business. One of the best ways to give your business an edge is to have your employees trained to use forklifts. Not only does this build competency in the workplace but it can improve productivity and safety.


Why is forklift training important in the forklift industry?

Sufficient training in operating a forklift can vastly improve users’ confidence and efficiency with the machine, meaning you see an increase in productivity and safety in the workplace. Accredited forklift driver training can help to minimise the risk of accident and injury, saving you time and staff. While you can apply for forklift operation or hire a forklift without a license and training, it won’t make you stand out. Show those in the forklift industry that you know what you’re doing and that you’re a reliable operator with qualified training and licensing. We understand that time is money to businesses and projects, that’s why we offer courses lasting as short as only a few days that will get your employees trained up for effective operation. Some companies, like Budget Fork Trucks, will even offer one-day refresher courses and five-day intensive courses for up to three people. It’s easy enough to customise your staff training so you won’t notice any negative impact on your productivity because of training times.

How can forklift training improve a business?

Forklift training can drastically reduce accident rates and make sure that all of your employees are operating safely and efficiently. For some premises, this might be a requirement to comply with health and safety guidelines. But going further than that, forklift training can have a big influence on your business’ image overall. It’s vital to market your business as a trustworthy provider to your clients. Qualifications and experience are some of the leading points that customers will ask a business to provide evidence of. If you can’t prove that your employees have completed comprehensive training in forklift operation, you could be at risk of losing potential or existing clients.

It builds a reputation

Your image is a crucial aspect of your business’ success. Make sure that your customers, clients, and competitors know that you know what you’re doing and that you’re a reliable face on the market with a comprehensive training certificate and license in forklift operation for your employees. We know that you’re a reputable company and you know that you’re a reputable company but you need to ensure that all potential buyers or clients also know this. The way to do that is by enrolling your employees on accredited counterbalance forklift training courses. This demonstrates that you’re committed to safety and efficiency and that you won’t cut corners. By proving you care about the safety on your shop floor, you can prove that your company is a reputable and trustworthy name in the industry. It also validates that you know the ins and outs of the technical side of operations. Training doesn’t just entail the driving of a forklift, it includes a theory as well as practical. Furthermore, some companies, like Budget Fork Trucks, will offer training on a variety of vehicles. You can find expert qualifying courses on forklift trucks, scissors lifters, telehandlers, and cherry pickers (both manual and automatic).

It earns client trust

Many customers will look to the kind of training you provide your staff as a good measure for how far you will go on projects and services. If you’re not delivering the best training courses to your employees, how will potential customers know that you’ll deliver the best service or product to them? If your clients can trust that you’re looking after your staff and your workplace then they’ll know you’ll look out for them as well.

Where can I find forklift training near me?

There are plenty of companies across the country. You should always check a training provider’s accreditations before choosing them and make sure their instructors are fully qualified and experienced in forklift operation. Budget Fork Trucks works with clients in the Berkshire area and has done for many years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the unique needs and demands of those in the area. We also only hire instructors who are fully accredited by RTITB and ITSSAR Driver Training Standards. For all of your forklift training queries and needs, get in touch with Budget Fork Trucks.

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