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Telehandler forklifts - what are they and how can they help your business.

Sometimes referred to as telescopic handlers, telehandlers are hugely versatile forklifts that are often employed in the construction industry. Telehandlers feature telescopic arms able to lift loads and retract or extend to adjust the maximum lifting height and reach of the vehicle. Their main use is for lifting pallets, but they can also move heavy loads, raising them into high areas that can be tricky to reach by any other means. Read on for a detailed look at these robust and reliable material handling solutions.

Design features of telehandlers

While all designs may vary in terms of specific characteristics, most modern telehandlers incorporate certain capabilities to boost their efficiency levels when operating. Most telehandler forklifts are fitted with a dedicated telescopic boom. However, they can typically accommodate a wide selection of lifting equipment and attachments to suit particular applications and tasks. Telehandlers also include design features that make them suited to a diverse range of operating environments and terrains, increasing their versatility and assisting workers in many different industries to complete on-site processes swiftly and safely.

Most telehandlers can replicate the core functions of cranes, forklifts, and elevated work platforms (when a platform is attached to the telehandler’s boom). The ability to adapt is made possible by an innovative design feature known as 'quick hitch'. This in-built element essentially enables the operator to move from one attachment over to another in a way that is both quick and safe. As a result, the effort and time associated with the transportation of heavy loads are greatly reduced. Additionally, it allows one machine to complete larger tasks that would usually require multiple different vehicles.

Different attachments for telehandler forklifts

There is an extensive range of attachments available for use with telehandler forklifts, with each one designed for a specific purpose. Many of these attachments are industry-specific. With such a wide range of choices available, it is understood that it may not always be clear which attachment is best suited to the task at hand.

The best practice is always to consider the requirements of the project being undertaken and the result sought from the work. High-quality telehandler forklift models will emphasise both versatility and durability while offering a range of available attachments to ensure no application is beyond its list of capabilities.

Perhaps the most commonly used telehandler attachment is a fork carriage. This attachment essentially transforms the vehicle into a powerful workhorse capable of performing multiple functions. The different types of load that this attachment can cope with include packaged goods, concrete blocks, steel bars, pallets, Industrial pipes and timber to name but a few.

It’s worth noting that attachments available come in an extensive selection of sizes and forms, so it's vital to assess what your project needs and how an attachment will fit your telehandler.

Business benefits of telehandlers

Able to work hard in challenging environments telehandlers are robust and reliable options when properly handled and maintained. Exceptionally versatile they can easily be modified to perform a wide range of work. Whether heavy goods must be delivered to high areas or transported safely across the site, these dependable forklifts can be counted upon.

Being able to customise an existing piece of equipment with a new attachment to perform a specific task is always less expensive than investing in an all-new solution.

Telehandlers are designed to allow operators to switch seamlessly between different attachments without leaving their cabin. As a result, the work rate is never impacted improving productivity. Additionally, being able to alternate between attachments while onboard, improves operator safety when forklifts are operating in busy work areas used by other vehicles.

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