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Doosan electric forklift

5 benefits of buying a Doosan electric forklift

Doosan has been making fork trucks for half a century, but the  global materials handling firm has expanded rapidly in recent years with its ultra-modern fleet of vehicles. This includes new and innovative electric forklifts.

A Doosan electric fork truck operates in just the same way as a diesel one. It simply has a battery-powered motor instead of one powered by fossil fuels. The latest AC and battery technology has transformed electric forklifts into modern mainstays that provide the very backbone of many businesses.

Electric forklift trucks need not be limited to indoor use. For example, they are just as effective at cross-docking and loading vehicles as their diesel cousins. Indoors, electric vehicles are safer, cleaner and easier to maintain than their diesel and LPG counterparts.

As they are generally lighter than those that run on other fuel types, electric fork trucks have great manoeuvrability. You still might need a diesel version for very heavy-duty tasks in your materials handling operations, but there are plenty more advantages to choosing an electric Doosan forklift.

The environmental benefits are compelling inside and out

Doosan electric fork trucks are much quieter and cleaner than their diesel equivalents. Diesel fumes are unpleasant in a work environment. Breathing in diesel fumes can affect the health of workers and can cause respiratory and eye irritation.

Operating electric vehicles brings its own environmental credentials in terms of reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that come from fossil fuel-powered equipment. This is an increasingly important part of operations, particularly for businesses with carbon-neutral goals and targets.

Low noise and vibration levels

The clatter of diesel forklift engines can be distracting in a work environment and potentially dangerous in itself if operators can’t hear hazards because of increased noise levels from a nearby fork truck. Drivers themselves can sometimes struggle to hear over the noise of their fork truck’s engine.

Doosan electric forklifts also have significantly reduced vibration levels compared with diesel versions. This makes them a lot more comfortable for operators. Many fork truck drivers spend their entire day or shift driving their vehicle, so a switch to electric can enhance job satisfaction.

Doosan electric fork trucks may currently be more expensive than diesel or gas-powered options, however, to work out if they are an economical choice, you need to factor in whole-life costs.

An electric Doosan forklift truck is cheaper to refuel than a diesel or LPG model. As an example, the Electric Power Research Institute found that just £0.028 of electricity does the same work in a forklift as £1.77 of liquid propane.

If your facility has a renewable energy source such as solar panels, then costs will fall further.

Electric-powered vehicle technology is still relatively new. This means that purchase costs will continue to fall as the technology progresses and it becomes more widely adopted.

Doosan electric forklifts are reliable and can cut maintenance costs

Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than their fossil fuel equivalents. Often, an electric fork truck motor actually only has one moving part compared with dozens in a diesel engine. This makes them less likely to break down and simpler to maintain. As a result, maintenance downtime is reduced, which can have significant cost savings.

Doosan has a long-held reputation for manufacturing reliable fork trucks. Doosan’s core values have always been to provide simple yet powerful performance. Aligning your business with a major material handling manufacturer like Doosan offers you excellent long term support too, as well as access to an extensive spares market.

There are considerable practical benefits from a Doosan electric fork truck

Electric forklifts generally have a smaller chassis than those powered by other fuels. This means they have better manoeuvrability in limited spaces.

As the electric battery is relatively heavy, it acts as an effective part of the counterweight of the truck. This means that a Doosan electric fork truck can operate with a smaller counterweight.

Electric forklifts generally have a smaller turning radius, making it easier for operators to navigate down narrow aisles which are often a feature in warehousing and distributing centres as well as retail environments.

Choose Budget for your next Doosan fleet addition

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