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Guide to the Doosan Vehicle Range

With over 50 years’ experience in the materials handling industry, Budget Fork Trucks is one of the leading providers of material handling solutions. We have over 450 trucks available for hire and lease, and can provide hires from one day up to five years for all your handling needs. Since March 2014 we have been a dealer for Doosan Industrial Vehicles Ltd providing the full range of Doosan forklift trucks.

About Doosan

Doosan Industrial Vehicles Ltd is part of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, a subsidiary of the conglomerate Doosan Company, a world leader in the power, construction and equipment sectors. Doosan is also a global business with a core belief in providing integrated solutions to provide electricity and water. This also includes a commitment to renewable clean energy sources and projects designed to be sustainable and minimise damage to the environment. Therefore, their Vehicle Range comes with the Doosan Counter Balance Diesel engine model, complete with cutting-edge clean burn technology. This means Budget Fork Trucks are able to offer the EU’s first “Euro Compliancy Truck”, which is eco-friendly and beneficial for the future. It is also advantageous for you, as it reduces the machinery’s overall cost by reducing maintenance needs and overall operator downtime. This innovative technological development also means that fuel efficiency improves by 33% and there is an average noise level drop of 10%.

The full Doosan Vehicle Range we are delighted to be able to provide you with consists of all five award-winning range vehicles. These include the Doosan Pro-5 Diesel/Gas Forklift Trucks, Doosan 7 Series BR Reach Truck, Doosan 7-Series Electric Forklift Trucks with 4 wheels, Doosan 7-Series Electric Forklift Trucks with 3 wheels, and the full range of Doosan Warehouse Equipment, all with low maintenance costs and reduced environmental impact.

Doosan Pro-5 Diesel/ Gas Forklift Trucks

These newly redesigned trucks improve overall productivity and reduce costs, particularly maintenance. They range from 1500kg to 3500kg and have multiple height configurations, with a lift height of 7000mm. The design is primarily operator-friendly with features including a spacious and well planned operator compartment, an integrated instrument panel, convenience package and operator parking systems, as well as the optional auto tilt levelling and rear grab bar with horn. The truck has three 2.4 litre engines and one 3.3 litre engine for low emissions and high torque and efficiency. The truck’s powerful diesel and LPG engines reduce all emissions, and the 4-cylinder, in line, overhead valve, water cooled engines produce high torque even at low engine speeds, such as ramp loading, making it ideal for all machinery requirements.

The Doosan 7 Series BR Reach Truck

This truck is part of the Doosan warehouse range, focusing primarily on high productivity, durability and operator comfort. They range from 1400kg to 1600kg with extensive height options (up to 10,250mm lift height). The advanced steering and greater durability on offer ensures maximum driver comfort and safety. Doosan’s application of technological advances increases driver productivity and overall control of the vehicle, such as the 22 character display panel providing real time performance data and status feedback direct to the operator. Key features of the truck include AC Drive System Performance, 360 and 180 degree steering choice, keyless keypad entry with clear graphical display, load weight indicator with height indicator and selector, and auto-centring of the steering wheel with the ergonomic operator compartment. The standard equipment aims to increase performance and productivity, safety and ergonomics, whilst optional customisable equipment includes a height indicator, lateral battery rollers for side extraction and a rubber drive wheel for wet areas.

Doosan 7-Series Electric Forklift Trucks with 4 wheels

These trucks continue the Doosan commitment to deliver powerful performance whilst ensuring maximum customer value. They range from 2200kg to 3500kg with an extensive height configuration range. Its ergonomically-designed operator compartment was created to increase productivity and keep the operator in complete control. Its durable design and system far exceeds the highest current and aspirational standards set for safe operation. The primary benefit of the truck is the reduced costs of maintenance with increased reliability and productivity, with each parameter fully adjustable. The truck is also waterproof and fully safe for use outdoors, with all connectors and wiring fully silicon sealed. Its ergonomic interior is designed for complete comfort and ease of control.

Maximum safety is ensured through its high-visibility design and panoramic mirror, as well as an easy access emergency stop switch. The guardian stability system protects the operator to avoid accidents, and like the design system it exceeds all regulations for operator safety and stability. The standard and optional features for ease of use and productivity are designed to maximise safety and stability, productivity, ergonomics and durability.

Doosan 7-Series Electric Forklift Trucks with 3 wheels

These trucks introduce technological advancements such as revolutionary AC power to drive and hydraulic motors, achieved through extensive market research. These advancements, combined with operator compartment design increases ergonomics and efficiency. The truck’s key features include rear view mirrors, fully hydraulic power steering, and a lockable parking brake lever with warning, whilst the Doosan AC Control System increases productivity and the control panel increases driver control and economic effectiveness. They range from 1500kg to 2000kg with a wide range of configurations, including up to a 7000mm lift height.

Budget Fork Trucks can also offer a range of Doosan Warehouse Equipment, most notably the pedestrian pallet trucks. They range from 1800kg to 2000kg with multiple height configurations. These are ideal for loading and unloading loads of all sizes, with easy manoeuvrability and operation, with a low cost design to provide maximum usability and flexibility. They range from 1800kg to 5000kg with a wide range of configurations.


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