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heaviest load the strongest forklift manage

Up to the task – what’s the heaviest load the strongest forklift can manage?

When you are searching for quotes on forklift lease prices it is understandable that the price is the only thing you keep in mind. However, you should also want to know that the forklift you hire is up to the task you have in mind for it. A slightly higher price often reflects higher quality, which is certainly important.

When you are searching out forklift hire prices UK businesses, including yours, will appreciate, make sure you have a checklist of requirements beyond your budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the key questions, including what the heaviest load a forklift can manage.

What type of forklift do you need?

A fundamental question that needs to be at the top of your checklist is what specific type of forklift you are looking to hire.

Forklift lease prices will obviously vary according to the type of equipment you are looking to lease or rent. As you would expect, forklifts are available to carry out a multitude of different tasks. So, as well as knowing about weight restrictions, you also want to choose the right truck for your needs.

If you’re searching for forklift truck hire Reading businesses can depend on, for example, you may find a choice of options that includes whether you want a diesel, LPG, or electric counterbalance forklift. You might need an access platform, and your requirements might mean that the truck you need is classed as heavy-duty.

Find out if you need a pallet stacker, reach truck, or when that is perfect for order picking.

It soon becomes obvious that when you start you start searching for forklift truck hire, for instance, a plethora of equipment options will be available to you. That’s why it makes sense to have a good understanding of exactly what tasks you want your forklift to perform so that your hiring expert can match up the right one for the job.

That includes knowing what sort of weight-handling capacity you need the forklift truck to cope with.

Accurate information is essential

Although you should expect forklift hire sales staff to have the answers to all of your questions when guiding you towards the right options, they also need your help to provide accurate information that will pinpoint the correct forklift option.

You will need to know the maximum size and weight of the loads that you wish to handle with your forklift. It is also highly relevant to provide the right details as to the maximum height you are restricted to, if applicable.

One point to consider, for instance, is that if you are using a mechanical or hydraulic attachment mounted on the truck, you will need to tell the hired staff as this will affect the residual capacity that the truck is capable of. It also means that a rating plate will be needed for the attachment you are using.

Knowing all about the load you are intending to lift before you contact the forklift hire representative will ensure that they can match you up to the truck that perfectly matches your needs and will cope with the height and weight you need to handle.

Talk about your site restrictions

Another key point that can sometimes get overlooked is when you might have some site width and height restrictions that could limit your choice of forklift options.

If your site has some low headroom areas where the forklift might need to be used, this is something you need to make the hire aware of as some models may not be able to pass through.

It can be very frustrating to discover that the forklift truck you have just hired can’t be used because the aisles are too narrow or height restrictions make it impossible to operate.

There is always a solution and your hirer will most likely ask you whether there are any site restrictions so that this scenario can be avoided. It would be a good idea to remember to talk about this aspect of your forklift requirements to avoid any costly delays to your work schedule.

What about electric forklifts?

It is worth quickly talking about the option of hiring an electric forklift, as this is becoming more popular.

If you are thinking about using an electric forklift you will need to know if your building is single or 3 phase electric so that the right charger can be supplied with the truck.

Answering the heaviest load question

The original question asked was what is the heaviest load the strongest forklift can manage?

If you want the trivia answer to that, The Guinness Book of Records states that the highest load capacity of a forklift has been measured at 90,000 kg!

A more general answer to the question is that the maximum demand you can place on the forklift is determined by the fact that different forklifts are more adept at load bearing than others. It all depends on the type of load and environment they are working in.

The actual load capacity of a forklift is a representative number that is the highest gross weight it can safely lift based on the load’s centre. To give you a couple of examples –

A reach truck can safely manage to lift about 2,500 kg.

An electric-powered turret truck is capable of carrying up to 3,600 kg.

An order-picker truck can safely manage 1,500 kg.

If you want to get the right, high-quality forklift truck for the task you have in mind, make sure you visit http://www.budgetft.co.uk/sales-hire for more information.

Sources: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/records/hall-of-fame/


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